• How does it work?

    The BBClub offers 4 membership options that automatically renew each month. The first option is the FAB 15 for £20 a month; the second option is "Your Home Studio" for £28 pm or "The Full Monty" for £42pm. Check out our Membership options here: https://www.beautifulboneclub.com/pages/membership

  • Can I change my plan at anytime?

    Absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade when suits. For example if you are going away or have a busy month then you may prefer a different bundle. The 'month' starts from the date you enrolled. Contact me to action any changes

  • Is the BBClub just for those who have osteoporosis?

    Absolutely not. All of our workouts are suitable for all ages focusing on joint health, bone strength and improved posture and balance. Both my mother of 82 and daughter of 24 enjoy it.

  • Do you teach your LIVE Zoom classes every week even through the holiday periods?

    Presently I am committing to teaching 46 weeks per year. As the BBClub grows I hope to guest in other practitioners such as Yoga teachers other movement specialists. If I head out to my favourite spot in Mallorca I just might Zoom from there !

  • How does the Online Community work?

    When you subscribe on a monthly package you have access to a closed group forum which is not public. It is a perfect place to connect with others and share your experience, thoughts & questions. Plus it helps to keep us all motivated & to keep going

  • I've heard that you have always required that clients do a private lesson with you first before joining a class. Is this still so?

    As we are all aware the world is changing and we all need to be adaptable! I am still offering 1:1 classes via Zoom or In Person at the Practice, Totnes. However if you have done Pilates before then you are very welcome to jump right in and join me. It goes without saying that Online classes require the student to take more care & pace themselves. I am always happy to chat on 07968 184 941

  • If I change my mind how do I cancel?

    Easy peasy. You are only ever committed to one month at a time. You can simply log into your student dashboard and cancel. You will still have access until the end of your paid month.

  • I would like to buy a course as a present for my sister. How should I choose?

    Great! If she has never done Pilates before but is otherwise generally fit & steady on two feet then I would recommend the "Absolute Beginner" Course launching this September. It's also a great way to meet other new 'newbies' as we work together in small groups of 8. Otherwise she could dive into 'The Full Monty' package & experience regular LIVE Zoom classes as well as the recordings. Any questions then message me on 07968184941