What is the Beautiful Bone Club?

It is both a real and online community for those wanting to improve bone strength and joint function. We focus on getting stronger, living well & supporting each other along the way!

Perhaps you already practise Pilates or have been meaning to ‘give it a go’ for ages. 

Perhaps you haven't got back on track since the pandemic and need help to get going again.

Perhaps you want to age well and live independently.

 The BB Club offers you a safe and supportive community of like-minded folk who also want to feel stronger and live well. It is suitable for all ages and levels offering abundant workouts, classes and resources to educate and inspire you to feel more empowered. 

We focus on bone strength, joint mobility and enjoying the journey along the way! 

We'd love it if you would join us 

A Big Warm Welcome

Jacqui Perks

Founder & Teacher

In 2004 I opened a health practice in Totnes (the Practice) working closely alongside my husband Simon creating personalised exercise programmes for his clients receiving osteopathic treatment. In the past 16 years I have also taught over 120 clients each week in small group lessons. However the last five years of my teaching have been the most challenging and also the most rewarding. Following a professional development course on osteoporosis I realised that many of the "classical" pilates exercises that we loved (Roll Backs/Roll Overs/Single Leg Stretch) were actually unsuitable for 1 in 2 women in my classes. The so-called "Silent epidemic" of osteoporosis (bone loss) was probably an issue for 50% of my clients and most of us are totally unaware of this until we take a fall & break a bone. I needed to deepen my knowledge & was inspired to further train as certified Buff Bones Instructor (USA) to compliment my UK training. This is where my passion for & commitment to strengthening bones began….. !!

What works best for You?

We all learn in different ways. If you are naturally self-motivated choose the Home Studio membership. However, if like many you need help to keep on track then the daily Live classes are for you so join us for Unlimited Online and In Person access with The Full Monty membership. If you need a kickstart to get you going then join me for the new Game Changer Intensive course.

Awwww thanks guys!

We all love to know when we get it right

“I am so thrilled that I can still attend your classes online despite having moved away to be closer to my family as I would never have found another class as good or as enjoyable as yours ”

Ruth Kerr, Busy Grandma

“You are so knowledgeable and insightful and you have really inspired me to build what you have taught me into my everyday life ”

Emily White, Occupational Health Therapist and Supermum

“You have always helped us feel safe and confident even through difficult times. It 's been a life saver meeting up with the other ladies online”

Ann Richards, Great grandmother and Gardener

“In my opinion Jacqui's Pilates teaching is second to none. She holds a warm, friendly & encouraging space. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Sharon Furr, dynamic mum of 2 young women

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