Course curriculum

    1. Beyond Calcium

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Recipe for Healthy Bones Presentation

    3. Zoom Recording of Sarah's presentation "Recipe for Healthy Bones"

    4. Audio recording of Sarah's Presentation of "Recipe for Healthy Bones"

    5. Breakfast Recipes to Inspire you (downloadable)

    6. Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

    7. Week 1 with Jacqui: Feeling Alignment, Breathing, Core

    8. Feedback on Week 1

    1. Balancing Our Plate & Making Changes: Sarah Bayliss

    2. Gravity/Forces/Loads/Opposition

    3. Feedback on Week 2

    1. Healthy Gut, Healthy Skeleton: Sarah Bayliss

    2. Healthy Gut, Healthy Skeleton Key Slides to download

    3. Phytonutrient Spectrum Checklist (Downloadable)

    4. 50_Food_Challenge (Downloadable)

    5. Lunch Ideas (downloadable)

    6. Hip Alignment, Balance, Fall Prevention

    7. Feedback on Week 3

    1. Hormones and How to seek Balance Presentation: Sarah Bayliss

    2. Hormones and How to Seek Balance audio

    3. Hormones and How to Seek Balance: Slides to download

    4. Recipe ideas for Supper

    5. HRT-the-basics

    6. Non-Toxic Choices for Food Preparation, Cookware, and Dishes

    7. Reducing Exposures to Harmful Chemicals

    8. Gratitude Assessment

    9. Week 4: Strengthening the shoulder girdle

    10. Feedback on Week 4

    1. Sleep, the Nourisher: Sarah Bayliss

    2. Audio Recording of Sleep presentation

    3. Beyond Calcium - Week 4 Sleep Handout

    4. Video Resources

    5. Complete bone strengthening 45 minute class

About this course

  • 3 x £125.00
  • 36 lessons

Beyond Calcium 2024

Date to be announced

Jacqui will hold your hand with weekly Pilates sessions and Sarah will educated us all on why what we put on our plate and how we live our lives can have a direct impact on our bone health. We all need help to get going in the right direction. New beginnings are not always easy but with the right support we can make changes moving forward. This course will strengthen your understanding of how best to look after yourself and your bones.

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