Online Class Timetable

The sky's the limit....Unlimited Classes & Replays

  • 9.30am Massage Mondays

    Start the week with a lovely oiling of the spine, shoulder girdle and pelvis (30 minutes)

  • 10.30am FAB 15 Mondays

    A punchy 15 minute workout exploring functional movement in the Standing and Sitting position

  • 9.30am Total Tuesdays

    A full 45 minute workout that is steady and challenging. Set your own level. Modifications to the exercises are offered so you can turn the volume up or down

  • 10.30am FAB 15 Tuesdays

    This is a mat-based workout focusing on joint mobility particularly hips and shoulders

  • 9.30am Wobbly Wednesdays

    Let's get into that strengthening!! This workout is all about strong joints and ideal for all particularly those with hyper mobility issues

  • 10.30am FAB 15 Wednesdays

    We all need great balance. Keep those feet, ankles and hips in top form for better function. This workout ticks the box for Fall Prevention skills

Give me more, more, more!

Live Online classes are only available with The Full Monty monthly membership. For £42 a month you can enjoy up to 6 classes a week. And , if you can't make the class don't worry, you can access the class recording and all the classes recordings of the month so there is always plenty to inspire you.*******And there's more. Check out the extra benefits that are included in The Full Monty bundles at no extra cost

  • Your Home Studio

    No extra cost (usually £28 per month)

    Enjoy Unlimited access to this bundle of workouts. Choose from 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute workout of various levels and intensity at no extra cost

  • FAB 15 Bundle

    No extra cost (usually £20 per month)

    This bundle includes three 15 minute Live classes a week including Sitting, Standing, Mat-based and Balance workouts to improve everyday good functional habits and better movement patterns. And if can't make the class, no worries.....the class will be recorded and uploaded for you to enjoy anytime

  • Discounts

    30% off

    Enjoy this juicy discount on many additional courses and events including the 'Moving Together' In Person Classes