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A quick strengthening workout? Something for a tricky back? A post gardening workout? Something to de-stress you? Pick from whatever you're in the mood for :) And if there is something you would like then let me know :) This is a summary of what's on offer. To access the actual class recordings make sure you are signed in & go to your student dashboard where you will find all your courses

    1. How to Use the "Pick & Mix" Workouts

    1. Workout 1: Mix of Strengthening & Mobilising

    2. Workout 2: General Strengthener (no prone work)

    3. Workout 3: Good all rounder with not too much Hip work

    4. Workout 4: Strong Back - Open Hips

    5. Workout 5: Shoulders & Neck

    1. Workout 1: Here is a workout that will help with a tricky lower back (avoiding lower back extension)

    1. What to Expect

    2. 40 Mins Strengthening

    1. 10 Minutes Hip strengthener & Mobiliser

    1. Standing to Sitting Squats: slow & hard!

    2. Balance: The Flamingo

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Workout 1

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Love it, love it, love it!

Love it, love it, love it!

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